I finally linked up with a friend and functional med doc who ordered up the DUTCH and got me on a supplement protocol along with an eating plan as to not create undo spikes in blood sugar. I’ve never felt that and actually felt worse breastfeeding, but continued to do it for the benefit of the children. I’m I terested in using the dutch testing. Another thought I had…you mentioned that your sleep is awesome, but from past posts and some of your comments during this episode it’s very “hacked” sleep. -Androgen metabolites (DHEAS, etiocholanolone, androsterone, testosterone, 5a-DHT, 5a-androstanediol, 5b-androstanediol, epi-testosterone) Yes, definitely have seen people who can’t tolerate bio-identical hormones. Once I ended both medications ( 6 days worth) that’s when the insomnia, heart palpitations, waking up in the middle of the night like a tiger was chasing me, anxiety …etc. Some women are estrogen dominant and wind up getting very poor effects from estrogen replacement therapy. The hormones include: 1. I figured your lab results would look lower than that. Your email address will not be published. Jasmine (age 29) had a myriad of hormone imbalance symptoms including anxiety, PMS, painful periods, breast tenderness, fatigue, irritability, and frequent migraines. DUTCH Complete™ Kit. I also show low free t3, low free t4, low tsh, low DHEA, low all female hormones. Especially because you are a pretty special case. I am thankful to have access to do this testing through alternative medical practitioners. Would a test like this help me understand why I suffer from low libido and vaginal numbness? Figured I had nothing to lose. Been listening for years, interesting episode. Low estrogen with poor metabolism, high stress hormones, oxidative stress, need for glutathione. It has been very difficult to determine when I ovulate or if I do ovulate. The document must include the following information: Type of test: the test used must be a molecular PCR test for the diagnosis of active SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19). Your email address will not be published. I told myself for years that my personality and high achieving state was just who I was. The exam can only be taken in the Netherlands. My Dutch test urine test results are here: total estrogen 68.1 (27-62), progesterone 17.1 (6-20), testosterone 8.7 (4-14), 24 hour free cortisol 103 (80-185), total DHEA production 3167 (400-3000), metabolized cortisol 6039 (2750-5400). I'd use lavender and phosphatidylserine. I will be so interested in learning what you find out. Hello! She had nutrient deficiencies, toxic burden, and immune dysregulation (usually the case with cancer). Chris is a computer scientist and pro mountain biker and he works with two medical doctors, one of whom is also a pro mountain biker, and the other is Dr. Tommy Wood, a biochemist and Ph.D. fellow. My doctor has had me do the blood spot test several times along with the saliva cortisol test. Hormone blood tests are useful too, but they are not the same as this comprehensive test. CLINICAL VALIDATION OF DUTCH TEST 8 With respect to the diurnal pattern of free cortisol, the DUTCH test has proven to be a viable alternative to salivary testing, although it is a reasonable position for one to prefer saliva testing for the assessment of free cortisol. The rule requiring passengers to submit a negative test declaration before the start of their trip has already been in effect since 15 December for non-EU residents. You can find me through www.curoseven.com – although the website is currently not reflecting the work we do. Can you take the Dutch test if you are already on supplementation and herbs for adrenal issues and to improve immunity? I have been lowish carb for over 14 years and hard charging athlete. Possible reason for differing levels. Estradiol “Translations will not be accepted, and you must provide the original test result certificate.” Anyone who arrives in the UK without an official test – because they planned to get tested on the journey, but were unable to – faces a fine of up to £500 on arrival because they don’t have a valid test … -b-tetrahydrocortisol -6-OH-melatonin-sulfate. If so once the test has been done how would I go about rebalancing my hormonal system ? DUTCH Complete Test. and click here to visit Nourish Balance Thrive and use code BEN10 for a 10% discount on the testing and consulting Chris and I discuss in this episode. I have peripheral neuropathy, and will try stem cell therapy. Most immigrants to the Netherlands from outside the EU have to sit the Inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exams) in order to get a Dutch resident permit or to apply for Dutch citizenship.. Estrone As a 71 year old life-long cortisol junkie…it came as no surprise to me that Ben was off the charts. Blood tests will not track hormone replacement as thoroughly. Same thing with HbA1C, this is a fairly new test that was initially developed for people with type 2 diabetes but now they are figuring out that you can get a lot of false positive in healthy individual because red blood cell survive much longer. 2. My OBGYN only uses the blood hormone tests; but from those results + my physical symptoms, she was able to identify my PCOS and Insulin Resistance. It’s fine (and sounds appropriate) for you to test hormones now instead of waiting until after breastfeeding ends. Cycle Mapping™ PLUS. Very informative article . So you feel pretty crappy when cortisol is low, and while you may feel good when cortisol is high, if cortisol is chronically high, there are some downsides to that too. What Happened: Aparna had estrogen dominance previously, but now estrogen was blocked. Also, the test has very specific instructions as to when to stop taking exogenous hormones for a clear dried urine metabolite sample. What steps did you take to correct? Each treatment or solution is also unique. We used herbs, supplements, foods, cyclical progesterone, acupuncture, and focused detox. My hs-CRP is very high. It can be used freely for research purposes. If you build an aerobic base then the body will be fat adapted an able to burn fat for energy and cortisol levels will lower. A marker for oxidative stress (“rusting” in your body, which damages your cells, your DNA, and your mitochondria). –The RUNGA “digital detox” Costa Rica retreat Ben is going to in December (mention this show for $75 gift upon registration). Within three months Melanie got her period and her energy back, and her moods became much more stable and uplifted. Would like to see Ben change up his training routine. Estrogen and progesterone levels good, with good estrogen metabolism, so her hormone therapy was at the right levels and safe to continue. Do you have questions, comments, or feedback for Chris or I about the DUTCH test, cortisol or anything else we discuss in this episode? Ive been on bio identical Estrogen (cream), Test(cream), Preg (Capsule) and Prog(Capsule) for a year and half. And test ovulation only if trying to conceive. These women demonstrate the vast differences in hormonal symptoms and in DUTCH test results. How do I go about finding an MD to guide my treatment? However, she’s never once mentioned the Dutch test, and I 100% want to take it since I’ve done research on it and am still having sleep issues (even on Melatonin) and can’t seem to break a weight plateau that’s lasted 2-mos since initially losing 25lbs. Thanks Gosia. The test measures steroid hormones excreted in your urine (I will just be talking abut sex hormones in this blog). It’s like my body does not want to stay asleep for the entire night OR go below the 25lbs I’ve lost under my existing regimen. In terms of doctors, here are a few directories that may help you find a good functional medicine or naturopathic practitioner in your area: • HealthProfs.com That will ensure you find someone who I would likely vouch for! Do I send this test back to you or how does this work? I was on a hormonal (levonorgestrel) iud for heavy bleeding for three years. 3. My OB/GYN or an Endocrinologist? That synthetic steroid accumulates and is known to linger in the body long after the removal of the iud. Trillow? I am currently seeing a hormone specialist and have been on bio-identical hormone replacement for several years. Your email address will not be published. Enter the DUTCH test – which is a new way to measure cortisol and much more. While I feel better, I still don’t feel well. The purpose of this study among patients with chronic heart failure (n = 138) was to develop and test both the Dutch Fatigue Scale (DUFS) and the Dutch Exertion Fatigue Scale (DEFS). Can’t wait to hear the Dr Walsh podcast – he is a veritable treasure chest. Melanie (age 36) had not felt herself since the birth of her second child one and a half years ago. The two vitamin supplements have already helped me and I suspect my adrenals are way off. What was the software Chrus mentions? Most people have their practitioner interpret the DUTCH test for them and make recommendations. US depending on your health insurance ). Many women, including other medical and health practitioners, choose this option. Can you help me understand the process? –The Little Know Test That Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Your Metabolism podcast with Chris Kelly, -“7 Signs Your Cortisol & Adrenals Are Broken” podcast with Chris Kelly, –The Underground Test That Shows You How To Legally Upgrade Your EPO, Increase Your Oxygen Levels, Boost Your Red Blood Cells & Build Double-Digit Percentages In Power And Endurance podcast with Chris Kelly, -Article: “The Ketogenic Diet's Effect On Cortisol”, –CBD increases cortisol release in healthy volunteers. My GP has been trying to find the source of my insomnia for two years with no success. It’s a very simple test to perform. Do I need to come off it to do this test? No blood to draw, spitting in tubes or filling up jugs of urine. Work with me: https://www.parishealingarts.com/laura-paris-work-with/ Struggling with low cortisol myself, most likely preceded by a long period of high cortisol. I just hope you or anyone else doesn’t end up like me due to high cortisol. I loved this show. • PrimalDocs.com New book “Primal Endurance” by Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns has been the impetus. So Ben…before I listen to this episode….can you please tell me: Is it full of useful and scientifically accurate info that I can apply to my training? Is this an area you guys address or is this primarily for athletes? Hi! Ben has a HUGE aerobic base! Enter the DUTCH test – which is a new way to measure cortisol and much more. Hi I would like to know if there is a Dutch test practitioner near me ( I live in west sussex , England) ?? And last, the internal consistency, test-retest reliability and construct validity were obtained in a test-retest postal survey. Again, thanks for the podcast and the honesty about your labs. https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching. also high metabolized cortisol. Yes, I meet with a chiropractor relatively regularly! )…, -Things that can elevate cortisol if you are already doing everything “right” in terms of stress control, sleep, proper training recovery, etc…, -Whether it's true that high ketosis can cause high cortisol…, -What type of hidden infections in your gut or blood can cause high cortisol…, -Supplements and herbs you may be taking can increase cortisol dramatically…, -Whether there is a link between cannabis, CBD, THC and cortisol…, -The most potent supplements or foods or essential oils for decreasing cortisol…, –A sleep article that includes the one-two Sleep Remedy/CBD combo Ben swears by for sleep, along with the essential oils we discuss, –Phosphatidylserine for lowering cortisol. High cortisol. The most impressive part of your article is the real example women who changed themselves after hormone testing. -DHEAs Weight gain and low libido are primary concerns. Hi! Great podcast. Please read the work of Ray Peat and some of his contemporaries such as Danny Roddy and Haidut from Idea Labs. I’ve tried bioidentical cream for replacement of low progesterone which causes severe migraines and I’ve also tried replacing estrogen & testosterone with increased migraines. But by using the DUTCH urine steroid test, you get the best of all worlds: blood, saliva and urinary results with just a urine collection. It can involve precise “lifestyle medicine” which are adjustments in sleep, food, exercise, and stress management. Take this assessment and get my free Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormone Balance. , a small functional medicine practice for athletes. Her periods had not returned and she suffered from insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The Dutch vehicle roadworthiness test, referred to as APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuring), is a technical inspection conducted periodically over the life of a car, truck or other moving vehicle. Thank you. Read about retesting here. So, what day would I test? How reliable is that? Melatonin is not measured well by serum. Extremely tired, full of anxiety, major mood swings, easily frustrated and now really heavy and painful periods. Thank you. She had no interest in sex, and symptoms of low thyroid (cold, tired, dry skin) even though her thyroid hormones were normal. I have no idea how long it takes for hormones to adjust back to “normal” after stopping. Migrants in the Netherlands can be broadly classified as western and non-western migrants. Your treatment plan is all-natural and customized to you. Estriol The 5 samples are averaged over 24 hours. A few questions 1. The worst symptom was very frequent and heavy periods. PERSPECTIVE: This article presents the validity and test-retest reliability of the Dutch mPDQ. The DUTCH test was created to provide insight into many of these concerns, working to deliver the most complete assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, in one easy to administer test. Dutch test done and organics acid on the way. Cortisone Very similar to chicken thighs/dark meat. ;). Please, please do a follow up podcast as you explore your cortisol issues. I know there is regular fatigue and stress that comes with becoming a mother, but I was never like this prior to the children. Salivary free corti- … I am 59 post menopausal for over a decade, had no menopausal symptoms until years after, have been working with my GYN who does not advocate bio identical hormone replacement so I have been self supplementing with adrenal supplements, progesterone and estriol cream for hair loss, facial hair and hypo-thyroid symptoms, blood serum tests consistently show below normal DHT and high Testosterone, would this test benefit me ? They look similar to yours Ben’s – significantly elevated free cortisol in the morning and mildly elevated in afternoon and ok at bedtime and waking. Hi, I’m interested in the Dutch test. 1. Would it be better to wait until after the breastfeesing to test? (I went through menopause at 43). How long after removal of the iud should I wait to do the Dutch test? -a-tetrahydrocortisol I feel the traditional medical system is uninterested and has let me down big time. She was ready to start a family but had not fallen pregnant yet. Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode. It was next to impossible to know if and when she was ovulating, and she really wanted to have several children, which was frustrating and upsetting. Susan, age 44: “Susan had a hysterectomy” . DUTCH CAR. Progesterone also has a short half life. My cortisol was off balance and my estrogen is high. Heavens…why would you want to and be like everyone else? or is it something I should avoid? The Conditional Reasoning Test for Aggression (CRT‐A) indirectly measures the implicit motive to aggress by engaging respondents in inductive reasoning … Low cortisol, and low sex hormones, especially for her age! It’s only been a week or so and I’ve seen a change but I feel it’s going to be a bit of a longer road than initially thought. Each cycle improved, and after a year she had normal, pain-free periods, and migraine incidence dropped down to very rare. If you are running the Sex Hormones which is included in the DUTCH Complete and your are either male or post menopausal, then again you can take this on any day of the month.. Pre or Perimenopausal Testosterone Hundreds of tests later…. We’re you more active or stressed one day tham another? This was more than twice the number of migrants in 2007. The hormones include: This test also measures your cortisol and cortisone rhythms and levels, and your estrogen metabolism pathways. both of my conventional docs dismissed this as the withdrawal or after effects of the medications. I finally decided to see a Naturopath after years of feeling unwell and suffering panic attacks. I … The three B vitamins that are most commonly low: B12, B6 and Folate. I always recovered from exercise and never had any issues until …I turned 30 (I’m 32 now). and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. Also they use creatinine as an internal standard. Chris is a computer scientist and pro mountain biker and he works with two medical doctors, one of whom is also a pro mountain biker, and the other is Dr. Tommy Wood, a biochemist and Ph.D. fellow. I work with many women who prefer to not use them, ever. I misread this as a saliva test. At the risk of being another commenter who knows what’s best for you (I certainly don’t) it seems like a great opportunity to perform an experiment in working with him and of course interviewing him for the podcast midway through. And although she was on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, she suffered from hot flashes, which were worse if she had her beloved glass (or 2) of wine at night. Why Is My Cortisol High Even Though I’m Doing Everything Right? I’ve been taking ashwaganda root and just started serotonin supplement and bedtime and progesterone cream and DIM but honestly just doing this off of my symptoms but not sure what my hormone levels are so want to figure this out and do what my body needs. If I were you I would look into other test before doing anything, maybe it’s true but maybe not. A Dutch diploma or certificate of a university, professional or vocational education (hbo, mbo level 2 or higher) or secondary education (vwo/havo/mavo/vmbo). Appreciate any suggestions! I was given some Standard Process Hypothalamex and was told to take two in the morning. Within six months Judy no longer felt tired all day long. The last few episodes I listen to were far to low in the ‘signal to noise’ ratio. Gemma (age 31) knew she had PCOS and had tried to heal it, but had not been successful going off the pill and getting regular periods. Do you do phone consultations? Required fields are marked *, Two years ago Christopher Kelly quit his job at a hedge fund to start. This yielded an “elevated” urine lead level, but that is exactly what would be expected for anyone who has just been treated with such a chelating agent, and is … It isn’t until you get much older that the lifestyle takes its toll. Have you came across someone who can’t take bioidenticals? I don’t recall you ever interviewing Phil Maffetone. I eat super clean and knew hormones were up to no good! In December I found a cyst in my left breast and my DO told me to stop all BHRT with no alternatives. In order to participate, you must have a valid ID. A sleep article that includes the one-two Sleep Remedy/CBD combo Ben swears by for sleep, along with the essential oils we discuss, The London Biohacker Summit – click here to register and use 10% code “ben”. Much cheaper to take phosphatidyl serene on its own, but curious if folks think it’s worth getting the cocktail in Primal Calm (about $50/month). ], I don’t think an Endocrinologist would interpret the Dutch test unless they are a Functional Medicine doctor. Hi Jan, What Happened: We made lifestyle modifications such as adding calories, incorporating meditation and acupuncture, reducing exercise, and keeping wine to the weekend nights. Game changer for my clients..! I pray so. Interesting feedback! Concurrent validity of PAQ-A was examined in a subsample of 28 obese and 16 normal-weight children by comparing it with concurrently measured physical activity using a maximal cardiopulmonary exercise test for the assessment of peak oxygen uptake (VO2 peak). Source – CBS It measures your hormone metabolites from dried urine samples. Thank you! And I use two capsules. .⁠ Click here to visit Nourish Balance Thrive and use code BEN10 for a 10% discount on the testing and consulting Chris and I discuss in this episode. I enjoyed this podcast as I do almost all of them. We used nutrition, supplements, focused detox, and herbs – all to support her immune system, build her vitality, and help her detox function. Essential Oil Inhalation on Blood Pressure and Salivary Cortisol Levels in Prehypertensive and Hypertensive Subjects, Blunting by chronic phosphatidylserine administration of the stress-induced activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis in healthy men. These include: It’s easy! 1/16-1/22. For hormone replacement, bio-identical is the way to go! If I am on bio-identical hormones (Pellets Progesterone & NP Thyroid from a compounding pharmacy), when is the best time to take the Dutch test to get the most useful results? You can first order a DUTCH test, and then book a single consult with me for analysis and a treatment plan. Have given up coffee for a month, don’t feel too different, just slightly wistful that I’m not drinking it! Yes I do remote consultations by phone, although I prefer video. I’m tired all the time and I feel overwhelmed and foggy very often. Labs do make mistakes or it could be a quality control issue. Getting a bike computer and chest strap was a real eye opener, it’s almost impossible to go mountain biking, my sport of choice, without going over the 180-age heart rate limit. -Creatinine If you don’t know when or if you ovulate then when would you test using the Dutch complete? I use this test exclusively now vs the old Saliva testing! Since the birth of my 2 kids I have not felt “right”. Hi, Now why is the adenosine high? Menopausal ranges for progesterone, low cortisol and testosterone, elevated stress hormones. Online program to get the benefits of fasting for 5 days, with food!. ” Blood tests will not track hormone replacement as thoroughly. We used herbs, supplements, diet and exercise hacks, and stress management training to adjust her hormone imbalances and to promote ovulation and regular cycles. Hi, Would your body respond the same? What Is Anti Skid Paint, Rapunzel Crown Disney, Lake Louise Shuttle, Duke Neuroscience Faculty, Banff Scotland To Aberdeen, Assumption Basketball 2020, Gale Force 5, Navy And Burgundy Wedding Cake, Wows Italian Destroyers, Seachem Purigen Petsmart, Navy And Burgundy Wedding Cake, Wows Italian Destroyers,