My memory is very visual, but it is also very auditory, and a few tones from a tune or song can deliver an extensive ‘memory package’: when, where, how, why, what, who etc. ", "Talent in autism: hyper-systemizing, hyper-attention to detail and sensory hypersensitivity", "Enhanced perception in savant syndrome: patterns, structure and creativity", "Explaining and inducing savant skills: privileged access to lower level, less-processed information", "Savant skills in autism: psychometric approaches and parental reports", "The epidemiology of autism spectrum disorders", 10.1146/annurev.publhealth.28.021406.144007, Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified,, Wikipedia medicine articles ready to translate, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Autistic savant, idiot savant (historical), It is implied (but not confirmed) that highly skilled hitman Akira Sato in the 2019, This page was last edited on 22 January 2021, at 14:30. The acquired savant syndrome is never worth the downside effects the injured person should endure for life, and the same is true for all cases of savant syndrome (usually autistic individuals). Why Simulation Obscuration Tactics of Photographic Memory Abilities would Cause Serious Memory Problems? Leslie, who has no classical music training, was playing the piece flawlessly after hearing it just once earlier on the television.”. . Despite this, it is a syndrome that generates special abilities or above the population mean, rather than deficits, alterations or pathological conditions (Syndropedia, 2016). At the bottom of every article series page is a NextPage ---> link and then below this link (on most pages) is a menu list of all pages of that specific series. music, memory) but also by the presence of some form of developmental condition such as autism spectrum disorder 1).Savants demonstrate exceptional and prodigious abilities in specific areas, such as memorization, calculation, … Savant syndrome, rare condition wherein a person of less than normal intelligence or severely limited emotional range has prodigious intellectual gifts in a specific area. Some Examples of a Catastrophic Hardware Overload Simulation Anomaly or ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ Event? You are seriously recommended to read all pages in an articles series in order else you'll lose context. Many savant’s ‘mathematical’ abilities have been shown to be INHERENT. What is Savant syndrome. Series 2: Why many ‘Spiritual, Subtle & OBE’s are Virtual Reality Experiences, Series 5: Mandela Effects Anomalous Memory 18 page Investigation Series. Do you have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia ‘Effects’ Suggestive of a Diary, Appointments & Events Scheduler Neural Implant Enhancement? This is a type of condition where individuals have different disabilities in their development, such as Autistic Disorder. . Why are 99.99% of Negative Healing Issue Causes Deliberately Kept Hidden From Healers? Advanced memory is the key "superpower" in savant abilities. About half of the individuals with savant syndrome have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), while the other 50 percent have some other form of central nervous system damage or disease. Kim Peek… People with savant syndrome typically score poorly on intelligence tests, but have specific talent or skill for which they are exceptional. 1. The reasons fo… For example, the skill may be the ability to play the piano without being taught. . Savant syndrome is a phenomenon, the combination of impossible and the flourishing of the intellect in the desert of deficiency. [1] Savant syndrome has been artificially replicated using transcranial magnetic stimulation to temporarily disable this area of the brain. There are many famous autistic savants including the following: 1. [10] Calendrical savants, on the other hand, may not be prone to invest in socially engaging skills. Savant syndrome sentence examples. How a ‘Matrix Reality’ Model of Subtle Form Interfaced to a Physical Animal Body Explains & Validates many Anomalous, Paranormal & Spiritual Experiences, 3. At 16 years of age, in the middle of one night, his foster mother woke up to find him playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. One study suggests that the vast majority of people with savant syndrome excel in memory-related skills.Having an exceptional memory enables a person to develop advanced skill in, for instance, visuospatial abilities, calculation, drawing, or music. Ellen is visually impaired, but to navigate around she makes chirping noises that bounce off objects in her path so she can detect the reflected sound, like her own form of personal sonar. 13q deletion syndrome; 17q21.31 microdeletion syndrome; 1p36 deletion syndrome; 1q21.1 deletion syndrome; 1q21.1 duplication syndrome False Memory Syndrome Explained? 2. Examples. This is a type of condition where individuals have different disabilities in their development, such as Autistic Disorder. What happens when you invite or ask for Spirit Help? Generally, savant skills include: • Music - the piano is the most popular instrument. Your email address will not be published. Nevertheless, there is an undisputable fact that savants exist. He created many paintings of animals. He was born with savant syndrome, a rare condition that allows a person to excel in specific mental abilities while being deficient in others. Invisible Subtle Body Skillwire Implants/Systems Facilitated Experience Examples Introduction, Subtle Body Skillwire Implant Technologies Facilitating Enhanced Awareness & Auto Problem Solving, Real SkillWire Tech Example 3: Pre-Awareness of & Full Auto Tracking of a Pre-Defined Engineered None Accidental ‘Accident’, Awareness of My Higher Self, Subtle Spirit Form Designing Subtle Body Functioning Adjusting Implants, Details of our Subtle/Spirit Form, the Subtle Environment & the Various/Many Anomalous Experiences Substituting for these Here, Beyond ‘Sticking Plaster’ Healing Systems & Awareness, Negative Issue Identifying HEALING EXERCISE-1: To Identify Everything that Defines or Contributes to my Issues & Moment by Moment Experiences, What Defines ‘ME’, HEALING EXERCISE-2 – A New, More ‘Passive’ Approach to Identifying ‘EVERYTHING’ Contributing to ‘YOU’, 'NEW AGE' Revelations; The New age people are Revealed as Supporters of an Earth Simulation Project, Are we living in a Simulation Definitions & Basic Information, Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories & Senses, Newsworthy Events Involving Delayed Advanced Technologies will be written about BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, The Anomalously Thick Coal Seams 'Fuel' Resources Presenting Many 'Out Of Place Artefacts' Problem, Historical Past Language Based Evidence of Ourselves as an Immortal Soul Form Incarnated into Flesh. And yes, if any person puts his or her mind to it, he or she can learn (laboriously) how to calendar calculate. “When I first met Leslie in 1980 his ability to store and replicate music, even after only a single hearing, was spectacular. For example, Berg- served which fit the description of the pres man and DePue (1986) indicated that there ently accepted definition of savant syndrome, are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cases of although the term was not in use at that time, musical idiot savants alone. 0. How could this be TRUE? It is rare in the general population but occurs in approximately 10% of autistics – Powell. POLLS: To Determine How Common are Anomalous Deducible as ‘Simulation Originated’ Personal Experiences? Some researchers hypothesize that it is caused by a change in a gene or genes, and others believe that it is caused by some kind of damage to the left hemisphere of the brain with compensation for this injury occurring in the right hemisphere. [1], Those with the condition generally have a neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism spectrum disorder or have a brain injury. At a 1989 concert in Neenah, Wis., for example, a young girl came up to the stage in the challenge portion of the concert and played “Mississippi Hotdog.” Leslie listened and then, when asked, dutifully played back the piece as he had heard it.”. I have always had creative/artistic skills which are well-developed, and without having had any specific training to achieve them. Savant syndrome has a distinct psychological profile in autism James E A Hughes1*, Jamie Ward1, Elin Gruffydd1, Simon Baron-Cohen2, Paula Smith2, Carrie Allison2 and Julia Simner1 Abstract Background: Savant syndrome is a condition where prodigious talent can co-occur with developmental conditions such as autism spectrum conditions (autism). People with savant syndrome may have neurodevelopmental disorders, notably autism spectrum disorders, or brain injuries. Savant syndrome is an enigmatic disorder. Frequently there was a second cat sitting by him on the table, watching how the work went on; sometimes a kitten or two la… The most dramatic examples of savant syndrome occur in individuals who score very low on IQ tests, while demonstrating exceptional skills or brilliance in specific areas, such as rapid calculation, art, memory, or musical ability.” [citation needed] They may associate certain notes or keys with different colors, enabling them to tell what any note or key is. The causes of savant syndrome were as of 2004 not known. How many Different Human Memory ‘Recall’ Variations would Simulation Software have to Decide Between? [4] The condition affects more males than females, at a ratio of 6:1. . Temple Grandin (b. So, thinking about your latest update, are only a select few of us set up to experience our past trauma-dramas or is everyone here in the sim being simulated through their past issues? Indeed, at age 14 he was able to play back Tchaikovsky’s First Piano concerto flawlessly and can do that to this day on request. . Emulating a Hunter/Gatherer Exceptionally Varied Early Human Lifestyle & Evolution Supporting Diet!!! More recently the term ‘savant syndrome’ (Treffert 1989) has been adopted to refer to those with or without intellectual impairment and/or autism, who display skills above that expected of those with either intellectual impairment and/or autism, … Click the right >> link below for the next page in this series . However, the syndrome is more of special skill than a normal disorder. [3][4] Researchers estimate the occurrence of AP to be 1 in 10,000 people. Anomalous Mandela Effect Discussions Don’t Mention Anomalous Memories or Senses Contributions to these, Some Way, Way Off the Edge Hanging Around C19 & Fake ‘Reality’ Version Circumstances Speculation, Many Interplanetary Cultures ALL Now Trading on 1 Single Planet Anomalies, How Others Can Steal a ‘Souls’ Attributes, Qualities or Abilities, The Periodic Table Anomalous Personal Expectations Phenomena Example. french revolution artificial intelligence bill of rights concept time management beowulf the story of an hour hero definition career goals the value of life abortions coming-of-age electoral college all quiet … The definition of a savant is a scholar or learned person. ALL article pages, posts and tags on this entire site are listed under the menu link NAV (directly above on the 'right' in the upper main menu) or you can click: Site MAP - HERE. ... for example, are experienced and revealed, producing almost instantaneous giftedness and ability in the affected area of … Deducible Logistic Problems/Anomalies of Interfacing 7+ Billion Individuals to a 2nd ‘Matrix’ Reality Defined ‘Fake’ Body, 11. Piss Poor Quality & Contradictory Science Information/Research on Memory Storage, Functioning & Composition. Why a simulated copied population with technological advances slowed down will present anomalous experiences due to the high technology enhancements & implants 'necessary' for these experiences being 'missing' here. . . Grandin is also a successful professional designer of humane livestock facilities. . This may also be included to allow the installers to perform tests to check how well, how consistently and or accurately the implants input and output interfacing with the ‘person’ this is installed into functions under different ‘test’ conditions? savant syndrome examples Posted on 01/08/2020 | by To help overcome her fear of the telephone, Ellen's mom coaxed her to for drawing, a strange creature, full of artist-caprices, along with a One can easily calculate which date will fall on which day, and that is an exceptional power. 12Apr: Focus+Are We Living Within a Simulation Missing People Interaction ‘Shit’ & Earth Anomalies Speculation. Exercise 1b)- Saw a flash of 1010 sequences like the matrix, Hi Xin, strangely I've written this below in the last week or so which is of me accessing the experiences of the person I'm a copy of living in a galaxy scale environment and flying around in my own personal, I'm not aware of anyone else that's been specifically put through their past major 'shit/traumatic' experiences (in reverse order) that happened over give or take their first 3 decades while taking over 5/6 months to go through the replay of. Earth as a Simulation Basics: Essential Foundation Information & Definitions, Simulation Evidence: Pages Listing the Evidence so far Presented Here. And why is that so prominent in savant syndrome but generally not seen in other brain diseases or disorders? While Raymond from ‘Rain Man’ was fictional, the character was actually inspired by the … How 1000′s of Healers Contributed To Negative Issues In Past Lives, How Psychic Protection Degrades Subtle Awareness & Perceptions, False ‘Dark LIGHT’ Spiritual Missions From HELL, How a Subtle Implant Provides ‘Discernment’ For Lightworkers, The Spiritual Hierarchy: ‘Masters of Deception, Lies & Spin’ Example. Like idiot savant, the term came to be considered a misnomer because only half of those who were diagnosed with savant syndrome were autistic. [17], There are no objectively definitive statistics about how many people have savant skills. For example, someone who may be of limited intelligence may be a remarkable painter or musician. Someone who is considered a scientific genius is an example of a savant. Children who display savant syndrome have traditionally been referred to as idiot, retarded, or autistic savants. Accurately sing a named pitch. Mandela Effect Walkers Crisps Anomalous Memories Personal Experience Example Introduced, 12. In 1988 I published a paper in The American Journal of Psychiatry: “The Idiot Savant: A Review of the Syndrome,” in which I suggested it was time to lay the term idiot savant to rest and substitute savant syndrome. Perfect or absolute pitch must also be due to implant and enhancement tech (I knew a musician who had it, who could hear all the instruments in a symphony orchestra and what they were playing and how, at the same time. Walkers Crisps Packets Mandela Effect Memory Colour Swap Analysis & Likely Explanation!!! [11], No widely accepted cognitive theory explains savants' combination of talent and deficit. Deducible: Coincidences & Synchronicity’s as Evidence of a Technology Slow Down, of ‘Twin’s’ Living Parallel Lives & of many Humans being ‘Hermaphrodites’.
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