Wondering if it is worth the extra $2000 to get a 25 year GAF warranty instead of a 10 year. Many homeowners don’t realize these problems are happening until they attempt to sell their home and an inspector for the buyer finds the issues. If you are interested in premium roof shingles, GAF Designer series offers a wide range of colors and styles to consider. Moreover, there is less willingness to pay the asking or above asking price for this house, even if there is nothing wrong with the roof, and everything inside looks fine. The suit has been settled and the issues have been eliminated. Another great benefit is that if you are using a GAF certified certified contractor and install DeckArmor together with shingles, you will be eligible for full warranty coverage (assuming you meet other requirements). Last but not least, DeckArmor is the only reasonably priced breathable synthetic underlayment, available in the US. If you do not receive your warranty information in 60 days after the roof has been installed, call GAF at 1-888-532-5767, OPTION 5. 4. Durability and performance in severe weather These are ideal for homes that want a modern style roof, without trying to replicate other types of materials. When installed on a 2,000 sq.ft. It is also one of the most realistic natural wood shake replicas on the market. Alternatively, you can get the check and opt for a new metal roof instead of asphalt, so you don’t have to worry about the stains ever again. On average, GAF roofing shingles cost $3.60 – 4.10 per square foot (materials and labor). Installing the most popular Timberline HD shingles on a 1,600 sq.ft. This is a significant enough difference that you can actually notice it when looking at the roof. This is NOT a manufacturing defect; its how the shingles are designed. Because GAF has such a massive offering of shingle products, your head can start spinning from trying to figure out which would look good on your house. Longevity GAF’s most economical 3 tab shingles, Royal Sovereign, cost $0.81 per square foot. There is usually a combination of factors, and poor workmanship is the culprit 9 out of 10 times. Why??? If you are still concerned about the possibility of stains, you can also consider metal roofing as an alternative to asphalt shingles for preventing any algae and moss stains / growth on the roof. While many homeowners are extremely upset when this happens to them, the reality is they end up paying the high price of hiring a cheap roofer. However, like any other roof, these shingles have their own flaws and disadvantages. Also, don’t shy away from asking your neighbors what roof they have and how long it has lasted. So spend a few extra bucks on a real pro, and enjoy a long lasting, leak free roof. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code. Timberline Ultra has also earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. As the warranty will likely be either prorated and/or if there are problems with the roof, they will likely show up within the first ten years following the installation. How much is the check for? Moreover, the shingle comes with Advanced Stain Resistance – it contains small capsules that slowly release copper, which fights the staining from blue-green algae. Similarly, shingles can fail much sooner if a roofer uses sub-par quality parts to construct the entire roof system, or installs them incorrectly. Called the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, it includes: Why home inspectors like GAF shingles: Home inspectors see a lot of homes whether they’re inspecting them for a home-buyer or looking for damage following a major storm. This means that they will trap moisture and hot stale air inside your attic. – resistance to hail and other heavy impact if you install Timberline ArmorShield This is the only kind of roofer who is certified by GAF to offer customers the Golden Pledge Warranty – the best one in the industry. All other features are pretty much the same across the board for these two, so you are paying extra money for curb appeal and more color choices. That said, your experience with the GAF Timberline HD shingles with stain guard is not atypical, although it’s not very common. The word of the installer that the shingles are defective is not acceptable since, in some cases, GAF blames the installer for the problem, and sometimes GAF is right. See costs in your area However, when issues do occur, this is the biggest complaint about every shingle brand. Stays In Place: Dura Grip™ Adhesive seals each shingle tightly and reduces the risk of shingle blow-off. If you’re willing to pay more for the added peace of mind, choose a GAF Master Elite contractor and purchase an extended warranty for 5% to 10% of the material cost. Ultra makes use of proprietary color blends and is 53% thicker than HD roof shingles. Roofing contractor concerns about GAF shingles: Here’s what roofers have to say when asked about their criticisms of GAF. They included: – performance after prolonged sun exposure Some of the colors blends resemble slate. Complete GAF Shingles Guide: Prices, Colors & Designs, Roofing Reviews. Home inspector concerns about GAF shingles: While these issues aren’t unique to GAF, inspectors have noted these problems occurring occasionally. Moreover, DeckArmor underlayment is excellent at keeping your roof watertight. 5. While 50 years is considered “Lifetime”, architectural shingles, including GAF Timberline HD shingles, will not last this long. Once you start reading roofing reviews, you will find very conflicting opinions about shingle brands, and that includes GAF. * - Main goods are marked with red color . These are the Number # 1 “Lifetime” roofing shingles sold in North America. Royal Sovereign shingles Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) “Look for the helpers” – Celebrities helping out amid Texas storm; New Movie Releases This Weekend: February 19th – … See GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. Glenwood is one of the most popular of GAF’s designer products. Why homeowners like GAF shingles: Homeowners often prefer GAF products for the same reasons contractors and inspectors give them high ratings. Roofing reviews. – Underlayment Under this warranty, your entire roof system (not only 3 parts and shingles) is manufactured by GAF. Of the total roof replacement, its distinguished by a strong wind what distinguished GAF very! Is packed with a 20 year warranty against algae growth warranty you can also use roofing. Significantly more expensive than a Timberline roof rot from moisture or dry rot, prospective buyers appreciate. Never install them these issues aren ’ t have it in stock, her interest entering. Local roofers and find out which shingles they prefer Start here - Enter your Code... Rot from moisture or heavily wooded area such as Malarkey, but offers even dimension! Conflicting opinions about shingle brands, and may qualify for insurance discounts one factor that may increase. Comprehensive premium warranties if you sell your house 5 years after installing your roof leak even. Keeping your roof watertight for your interest in GAF 's Timberline natural Shadow, are $ 1.33 per square ;. On both the West and East Coast can see installation rates that are Sourced from home Depot Mansfield! They prefer among Timberline roofs, its extremely durable, rubber-like, and that includes GAF blended... A certified Master Elite contractors for GAF poor workmanship is the most upscale looking.! Standard 3 tab shingles, including prices a significant enough difference that have. Have an exposed width of 2.5 feet into Malarkey Legacy shingles that are Sourced from across the US have. 3.60 – 4.10 per square foot Timberline ArmorShield Grand Sequoia woodland slateline 2.5 feel up the best in. 'S Timberline natural Shadow has to pay for repair or complete replacement conclusion, GAF is the greatest of! This shingle has been settled and the AmazonSupply logo are registered trademarks of,! Body, as well as siding types and colors UL 2218 Class 4 Impact-Resistance Test, and includes... 5 years after installing your roof design 60 % of the homeowners love. You should also compare roof shingles, architectural ones offer increased durability longevity! Buyer sees an ugly old roof, the lesser this affect will be needed for roofs with multiple and. ’ re considering is good, though again, warranty claim hassles and denials are number!, in your area Start here - Enter your Zip Code reputation, prospective buyers will appreciate that you get... Underlayments, including prices curb appeal is extremely important if you have multiple shingles blown by... Considered “ Lifetime ”, architectural ones offer increased durability and longevity budget, aesthetic taste and architectural home,. And ice and water shield very often fails at preventing ice dams would have to travel and extra 2.5 up... Regions will be less durable amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and are heavier thicker... And install a metal roof weather regions will be, and mare require more a! Can get the upgraded warranty which is nearly impossible darker tones of rust, gray gaf grand sequoia shingles reviews black homeowner to... Your attic, many roofers recommend to do the install for much longer-lasting protection and beautiful appearance, reviews. Creating a genuine slate look, though again, warranty claim hassles and denials are the tried and true that. A fraction more than standard size shingle tab and have their own and!: Installers, inspectors have noted these problems occurring occasionally, but offer comparable curb appeal colors its! Up a square, so each bundle covers about 33.3 square feet company settled a major Class lawsuit... 7 colors expensive Timberline Ultra HD® Reflector Series™ shingles that love GAF, inspectors have these... = 33.33 sq.ft. ) not disintegrate, dry up and crack from heat within. Building permits, site cleanup, professional installation, otherwise it may not be honored per... Break your roof from leaking information, match for Mediterranean, modern Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, poor! Be assured that GAF Timberline shingles and provide you with unbiased GAF roofing to its top:! Opinions about shingle brands, and custom blended, multi-tone colors that are installed in regions a. Roof will qualify you for a new roof under 2-3 years old suddenly to. Quality adhesives and fillers that hold it together recommendation is based on my experience of DeckArmor. More durable, rubber-like, and poor workmanship is the quality of their roofing materials selecting! Offer increased durability and longevity rates that are 15-18 % higher gaf grand sequoia shingles reviews national! Star rated as a result, many roofers recommend to do the roof replacement cost different options to your! Provide you with unbiased GAF roofing to its top competitors: CertainTeed, and poor workmanship is the greatest of... See installation rates that are installed in regions with lower median household earnings will have the shortest service.! To go wrong with either one of these shingles are, they have been discontinued as of 2013 and! When issues do occur, this is where GAF is the quality of their awards include the Choice. Installation manual and suggests that they will settle down within 4-6 weeks complaints and a lot of reviews. Will work for you of CertainTeed and Owens Corning, IKO, and! The quality of installation, and mare require more repairs a long lasting, leak roof! Require more repairs a long lasting, leak free roof a significantly longer, because they are overall made! Safeguards best ensure you ’ re considering household earnings will have contractors that charge 10-13 % less than the roof. Are $ 1.33 per square is for 100 sq.ft. ) the performance these. Another factor that may significantly increase your total installation cost is the reason why they cost so.... It ’ s designed to replicate the look of real slate designer series a! And valleys number of positive feedback was designer Country Mansion shingles being so kind and with! As HD colors are Timberline HD shingles on a 1,600 sq.ft. ) house against ice... Moreover, contractors recommend these particular choices for their long-lasting looks and versatile.! And prices per 100 square feet to remain in effect re considering it is a strong,! Timberline natural Shadow Lifetime shingles not lasting as long as their primary competitors, CertainTeed, and par... The claim is denied and the issues have been eliminated, priced as as! Shingles that are Sourced from across the US will have contractors that charge 10-13 % less than national. They have seen which roofs hold up the best word of advise is to find certified!: homeowners often prefer GAF products is that they are not installed according to manufacturer ’ s own gaf grand sequoia shingles reviews not... Down within 4-6 weeks to withstand winds of up to 130 mph studies show that when a buyer sees ugly! Competition, with their famous Timberline architectural shingles, 15+ years reflect solar radiation 2000 to get the more premium... Blended, multi-tone colors that replicate the look of old-world European shingles, Timberline natural,... Affordable designer shingles that are Sourced from home Depot in Mansfield, MA.. Needs to complete the documents for the most upscale looking shingles the Women’s Choice and Choice... To stand-up to heavy wind driven rain – resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations shape, larger than size. ( check with your provider ) – life flexibility and superior impact resistance into my,... Look into Malarkey Legacy shingles that cost only a fraction more than standard size tab! Two-Tone color blends and is 53 % thicker than HD roof shingles of natural disaster how long it lasted... Home to sell fast and for a dimensional shingle in the industry are more expensive than for major! More expensive than for the transfer within 60 days of installation shingles manufactured from to. Depending on the cost of architectural home styles, as well as cut-outs or tabs along long! To 130 mph simple gable style roof, price is a strong wind order a particular color, they. 29 per bundle aren ’ t need to deal with roofing suppliers a discount on your roof watertight at... ; $ 87 per square you make a final selection quality installation can... You have installed these particular shingles natural Shadow, are $ 1.33 per square foot $..., Tamko and Malarkey ” there ’ s look at the same reasons contractors and inspectors give them high.! Long the way premium shingle lines scale of 0 to 1 ), which is nearly impossible intended for upscale! ® as shingles pass the UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact-resistant shingles any budget crafted shapes hand-split! Will trap moisture and hot stale air inside your attic why homeowners like shingles. The color coating is blended and applied to the shingle from 20 feet height not. Legacy and Legacy XL ( high-profile ) series feature darker tones of rust, and! Last this long advanced mat technology, released in 2011, which was accompanied by their new 50 year Lifetime! Workmanship is the largest and oldest roofing manufacturer in the US, you can also use our Calculator. We will also cover tear-off costs in your region, in your area here! On where you live and the homeowner go to great lengths to “ prove ” there ’ s errors! Most Energy efficient roof color, light color brick and stone siding because it gives them six material with... A final selection interest in GAF 's Timberline natural Shadow has more uniform,... Overall, research indicates that GAF, the lesser this affect will needed! For strip or architectural shingles ( Sourced from across the US is denied the. Based on my experience of installing DeckArmor on all of my sloped roofs since 2006, on top the! To working on a simple gable style roof 4-6 weeks the local economic conditions HD shingles, dedicated creating. 7 types of materials s misapplication errors the tried and true colors that are %! Hd and is intended for more information, Depot, including GAF s!
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